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Micro Medical Limited Mouth Pressure Meter Spiromètre
Micro Medical Limited
Modèle: Mouth Pressure Meter
Date: 1998
Catégorie: Équipements médicaux et biomédicaux
Groupe: Spiromètre

The Micro Medical Mouth Pressure Meter comprises of a hand held electronics unit that incorporates a removable Micro Medical mouthpiece holder/insert. The unit is designed for the rapid assessment of inspiratory and expiratory respiratory muscle strength. The result of each measurement is presented in units of cmH2O on the Liquid Crystal Display screen on the face of the meter. Measuring the mouth pressure created during a maximum effort against a closed airway indirectly assesses the strength of the inspiratory or expiratory muscles. The manoeuvre is therefore effectively isometric.

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Date: 01 septembre 1998
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Introduction 3 Operation 3 Mouth Pressure Meter Layout 4 Sealing Strip Position 5 Cleaning and Maintaining the Mouth Pressure Meter 5 Disassembling the Mouth Pressure Meter 6 Reassembling the Mouth Pressure Meter 6 Circuit Description 7 Parts List 8 Technical Support 10 Circuit Diagram 11


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