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Fluke PM3390A Oscilloscopes
Modèle: PM3390A
Date: 1994
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Oscilloscopes

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Type manuel: Manuel de l'utilisateur Fluke-10140-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 304
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Langue: Anglais
Numéro d’identification: 950601
Date: 01 janvier 1994
Qualité: Document scanné, tous les lisible.
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ABOUT THIS MANUAL The SCPI Programming Manual for the CombiScope™ instruments describes how to program your CombiScope™ instrument via the IEEE bus using SCPI commands. 1.1 What this Manual Contains A complete table of contents is given at the beginning of the manual. Chapter 1 ABOUT THIS MANUAL Explains what the SCPI programming manual for the CombiScopes instruments contains. Chapter 2 GETTING STARTED WITH SCPI PROGRAMMING Tells you howto get started quickly with your CombiScope instrument. You can execute the program examples per (sub)section or from the beginning until the end. Chapter 3 USING THE COMBISCOPE INSTRUMENTS Explains how SCPI works for your CombiScope instrument from the functional point of view. Section 3.1 is an introduction and section 3.2 explains the fundamental programming concepts. The other sections and subsections represent the functional use of your CombiScope instrument. Chapter 4 COMMAND REFERENCE is a complete alphabetical reference of all implemented SCPI commands. In the beginning a command summary is given to provide you with a quick reference. Appendix A APPLICATION PROGRAM EXAMPLES Appendix A describes some application program examples. The application programs are supplied on floppy. Appendix B CROSS REFERENCES Appendix B gives cross references between SCPI commands and front panel keys, softkey menu options, and instrument functions. Appendix C MANUAL CONVENTIONS Appendix C explains which abbreviations and symbols are used in the manual, it also gives a list of the tables, figures, and documents referenced. Appendix D STANDARDS INFORMATION Appendix D gives information regarding SOP! and IEEE-488.2 standards. Appendix E SUMMARY OF SYSTEM SETTINGS Appendix E lists the system settings per functional group (node), plus the applicable instrument settings per node. A full alphabetical index is given at the end of the manual.


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