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BK Precision E200D Générateur
BK Precision
Modèle: E200D
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Générateur
Description: RF Signal Generator

Continuous coverage from 100 kHz to 216 MHz in seven frequency bands (54 MHz to 216 MHz signals use harmonic output). No gaps in coverage. Covers AM broadcast band, FM broadcast band, amateur, short wave and two-way communications bands, and all VHF television channels, plus all i-f frequencies. Uses 18 semiconductor devices for all the advantages of solid state technology; reliability, ruggedness, instant warm-up, low power consumption, no high voltage. light weight and compactness. Oscillators and attenuators are shielded to reduce "spray" radiation; a necessity when testing and aligning high sensitivity receivers. Sinusoidal rf output signal has very low distortion on fundamental output ranges to 54 MHz. A 6.1 gear reduction ratio between the tuning knob and the dial allows the dial to be easily and accurately set. A large circular two-color dial (15- inch circumference with seven separate frequency scales provides easy, accurate direct frequency readings. Key frequencies and frequency ranges are identified: Broadcast receiver i-f; FM i-f; TV i-f sound and video frequencies; FM band; VHF TV Video Carrier frequencies for all 12 VHF channels. A carrier Level Meter and step attenuators provide accurately calibrated output level measurement from —106 dB to +2 dB (0.5 uV to 126,000 uV) when using the 50-ohm terminated cable that is supplied with the instrument. A modulation percentage meter and modulation level adjustment permit calibrated modulation from 0 to 50%, with higher uncalibrated levels (up to 100%) possible. A built-in crystal controlled Oscillator, "zero beat" circuit and adjustable cursor marker provide dial accuracy of 0.1%. Internal 400 Hz Oscillator provides low distortion modulation voltage. The output of the 400-Hz Oscillator is available at the external modulation jacks for use as an audio test signal. Thus, the signal Generator can be used for complete testing of both the rf and audio sections of a receiver. The level is fully adjustable from 0 to 1.25 volts rms. Lets you tell at a glance whether instrument is on or off. Controls and indicators are "operator designed". Related controls are grouped, lettering is easy to read and "explains" rather than confuses. Simplified control layout for calibration accuracy eliminates complicated conversion tables and graphs for precision frequency and output level settings.

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SPECIFICATIONS ... 4 FEATURES ... 5 OPERATOR'S CONTROLS AND INDICATORS ... 7 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ... 8 Preliminary Set-up ... 8 Setting the Signal Level ... 8 Setting Modulation ... 8 ALIGNING AM BROADCAST BAND RECEIVERS ... 11 ALIGNING FM BROADCAST BAND RECEIVERS ... 12 ALIGNING TELEVISION RECEIVERS ... 14 Sound IF ... 14 Video IF ... 14 Tuner Adjustment ... 14 USING THE RF SIGNAL Generator TO LOCATE TROUBLES ... 15 Other USES FOR THE RF SIGNAL GENERATOR ... 16 Alignment ... 16 Measuring Gain ... 16 Measuring Bandwidth ... 16 CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ... 18 CALIBRATION OF 100 KHz OSCILLATOR ... 18 WARRANTY SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS ... 20


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