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BK Precision 889 LCR Mètre
BK Precision
Modèle: 889
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: LCR Mètre
Description: LCR Meter

The B&K Precision model 889 Synthesized In-Circuit LCR/ESR Meter is a high accuracy test instrument used for measuring inductors, capacitors and resistors with a basic accuracy of 0.2%. Also, with the built-in functions of DC/AC Voltage measurements and Diode/Audible Continuity checks, the Model 889 can not only help engineers and students to understand the characteristic of electronics components but also being an essential tool on any service bench. The model 889 is defaulted to auto ranging. However, it can be set to auto or manual ranging by pressing the Range Hold key. When LCR measurement mode is selected, the test frequencies of 100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 KHz, 10 KHz or 100 KHz may be selected on all applicable ranges. The test voltages of 50mVrms, 0.25 Vrms, 1 Vrmsor 1 VDC (DCR only) may also be selected on all applicable ranges. The dual display feature permits simultaneous measurements. When DC/AC voltage measurement mode or the Diode/Audible Continuity Check mode is selected, only the secondary display is used to display the results of measurement. The highly versatile model 889 can perform virtually all the functions of most bench type LCR bridges. With a basic accuracy of 0.2%, this economical LCR Meter may be adequately substituted for a more expensive LCR bridge in many situations. Also, with the basic accuracy of 0.4% in voltage measurements, the model 889 performs the functions of a general purpose Digital Voltage Meter and can be used to replace the DVM on a service bench. The model 889 has applications in electronic engineering labs, production facilities, service shops, and schools. It can be used to check ESR values of capacitors, sort and/or select components, measure unmarked and unknown components, and measure capacitance, inductance, or resistance of cables, switches, circuit board foils, etc. The key features are as following: 1. Voltage Measurements: • AC : True RMS, up to 600Vrms @ 40 ~ 1K Hz • DC : up to 600V • Input Impedance: lM-Ohm 2. Diode/Audible Continuity Checks: • Open Circuit Voltage: 5Vdc • Short Circuit Current: 2.5mA 3. LCR Measurements: • Test condition: 1 Frequency: 100Hz /120Hz /1 KHz /1 OKHz /I OOKHz 2. Level : 1 Vrms / 0.25Vrms / 50mVrms /1VDC (DCR only) • Measurement Parameters : Z, Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp, DCR, ESR, D, Q and 9 • Basic Accuracy: 0.2% • Dual Liquid Crystal Display • Fast/Slow Measurement • Auto Range or Range Hold • RS-232 Interface Communication • Open/Short Calibration • Primary Parameters Display: Z : AC Impedance DCR: DC Resistance Ls : Serial Inductance Lp : Parallel Inductance Cs : Serial Capacitance Cp : Parallel Capacitance • Second Parameter Display: 9 : Phase Angle ESR: Equivalence Serial Resistance D : Dissipation Factor Q : Quality Factor • Combinations of Display: Serial Mode :Z-0,Cs-D,Cs^Q,Cs-ESR,Ls-D,Ls-Q,Ls-ESR Parallel Mode: Cp - D, Cp - Q, Lp - D, Lp - Q

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1. INTRODUCTION ... 1.1 General ... 1.2 Impedance Parameters ... 1.3 Specification ... 1.4 Accessories ... 2. OPERATION ... 2.1 Physical Description ... 2.2 Making Measurement ... 2.2.1 Open and Short Calibration 2.2.2 Display Speed ... 2.2.3 Relative Mode ... 2.2.4 Range Hold ... 2.2.5 DC Resistance Measurement 2.2.6 AC Impedance Measurement 2.2.1 Capacitance Measurement ... 2.2.8 Inductance Measurement ... 3. RS-232 OPERATION ... 3.1 Command Syntax ... 3.2 Commands ... 4. APPLICATION ... 4.1 Test Leads Connection ... 4.2 Open/Short Compensation ... 4.3 Selecting the Series or Parallel Mode 5. LIMITED ONE-YEAR WARRANTY 6. SAFETY PRECAUTION ...


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