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Racal 1996 Compteur
Modèle: 1996
Date: 1988
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Compteur

The 1995/1996 system universal Counter utilizes a microprocessor-controlled multiple register data acquisition IC for counting and timing to 200 MHz (1.3 GHz on the 1996 with Input C). The Counter provides the following measurement functions: frequency, frequency ratio, period, 1-ns resolution time interval, automatic pulse parameters (including duty cycle and slew rate), phase, and totalize. Time interval averaging is available via software-derived functions. The frequency range on Inputs A and B is 0 to 200 MHz; 40 MHz to 1.3 GHz on Input C using an additional board. Trigger levels on Inputs A and B can be set manually via the front panel keypad or via auto-trigger with 50% trigger points. The DC offset component of the input signal may be tracked by auto-triggering in between readings in the manual mode (peak tracking). , Use of a timing error correction (TEC) technique permits measurements with 9-digit resolution m one second and a single-shot time-interval resolution to 1 ns. The Counter is housed in a 3.5n high X 19" wide full-rack X 19" deep standard corporate enclosure. Total weight does not exceed 22 lbs (10 kg). Unit is adaptable to rack or bench top use.

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Date: décembre 1988
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This manual is organized into eight sections: SECTION 1. General Information: published specifications, safety considerations, product support, general description, and options. SECTION 2. Installation <5c Preparation for Use: unpacking and initia inspection, reshipment, setup, field installation of options, power; connections storage and ventilation. SECTION 3. Local Operation: bench operation, including general operating information, panel descriptions, and measurement procedures. SECTION 4. System Operation: GPIB system operation. SECTION 5. Oieory of Operation: general theory of operation. SECTION 6. Maintenance: Performance tests and basic calibration informatio: for the 1995/1996. SECTION 7. Drawings: assembly and schematic drawings. SECTION 8. Parts List: replaceable parts and assemblies.


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