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Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI QPX1200 Compteur de fréquence
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI
Modèle: QPX1200
Date: 2007
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Compteur de fréquence
Description: DC POWER SUPPLY

Voltage Range: 0V to 60V Current Range: 0.01A to 50A Power Range: Up to 1200W Voltage Setting: Resolution 1mV Accuracy: 0.1% of setting ± 2mV Current Setting: Resolution 10mA Accuracy: 0.3% of setting ± 20mA Operating Mode: Constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over provided that the power demanded stays within the power envelope, see graph. Outside of this envelope the output becomes unregulated. CV, CI or UNREG mode indication in display. QPX 1200 POWER ENVELOPE Output Switch: Electronic, with ON indication. Preset voltage and current displayed when off. Output Terminals: Front panel safety terminals accepting 6mm wire diameter, 6mm plugs or 8mm spades at 50 Amps max, or 4mm plugs at 30 Amps max. Duplicate rear panel terminals. Sensing: Switchable between local and remote. Screwless remote sense terminals on both front and rear panels. Sense miswiring trip and indication. Ripple & Noise (20MHz bandwidth): Typically <3mVrms, <20mV pk-pk at maximum load, CV mode Load Regulation: Change in output for any load change within PowerFlex envelope, using remote sense: Constant voltage: <0.01% ± 5mV Line Regulation: Change in output for a 10% line change: Constant voltage: <0.01% ± 5mV Transient Response: <250us to within 100mV of set level for a 5% to 95% load change.

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Type manuel: Manuel de l'utilisateur Thurlby-8399-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 29
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Langue: Allemand
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Specification 2 EMC 5 Sicherheit 6 Installation 7 Anschlüsse 8 Erste Inbetriebnahme 10 Manueller Betrieb 13 Ferngesteuerter Betrieb 21 Fernbedienungsbefehle 25 Wartung


Type manuel: Manuel de l'utilisateur Thurlby-6660-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 28
Taille: 708.48 Kbytes (725480 Bytes)
Langue: Anglais
Révision: Issue 3
Numéro d’identification: 48511-1030
Qualité: Électronique de documents, numérisation sans, bien lisible.
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MD5: d506bf7355d37f5bd3de1f833d38aa27
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Specification 2 EMC 6 Safety 7 Installation 8 Connections 9 Initial Operation 11 Manual Operation 13 Remote Operation 20 Remote Commands 24 Maintenance 26


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