Informations de l’équipement

Marantz 18 Récepteur
Modèle: 18
Date: 1967
Catégorie: Audio, Vidéo, TV, Multimédia
Groupe: Récepteur

BUILT-IN OSCILLOSCOPE This displays incoming signals for precise tuning, strength of signal, correct antenna orientation and station bandwidth modulation. It may also be used for observing the degree of stereo separation, stereo phasing of all stations and other TV, Multimedia">Components connected through the Model 18 TV, Multimedia">Receiver. PASSIVE FRONT END Inspired by the techniques used in radar reception, this revolutionary tuning section design eliminates “RF overload” from strong stations and lets weak signals come in without being swamped out by strong ones. It also gives a better signal-to-noise ratio and lower distortion. It is called “passive” because there are no tubes, transistors, FET's or IC’s in the front end to interfere with the purity of the signal. BUTTERWORTH FILTERS Incorporated in the IF stages, these assure better selectivity, lower distortion, and more than 30 db stereo separation, even at 15 KHz. 1 Because of them, the IF stages never require realignment. GYRO-TOUCH TUNING (PATENT PENDING) Selecting stations becomes a delightful experience with this unique control in which you rotate the actual tuning bar flywheel. This results in silky-smooth, ultra-low friction tuning action. DIRECT COUPLE DESIGN AND PROTECTION CIRCUITS (PATENT PENDING) Through these, the amplifiers recover instantaneously from overload. They also protect both amplifiers and loudspeakers against sustained overload damage caused by short circuits or other accidental misuse. FRONT PANEL TV, Multimedia">Tape recorder DUBBING CONNECTIONS These provide convenient facilities for making tape copies with an external recorder. FRONT PANEL STEREO HEADSET OUTPUT You can listen to stereo headsets with or without the loudspeakers playing. LONGER DIAL Because the tuning dial is three inches longer than on most receivers, you can more accurately "zero in” on the optimum signal strength of a given station. 1% RESISTORS USED The best resistors available, they give supremely low distortion. They are used throughout the TV, Multimedia">Receiver in all vital circuits. MASSIVE HEAT SINKS These dissipate heat from the power transistor circuits, and that means longer years of use.

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Date: 1967
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