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Sanyo CE42SR2 Controlar
Modelo: CE42SR2
Categoría: Equipo de cómputo
Grupo: Controlar
Descripción: LCD Monitor

Daylight readable Monitor (CE42SR2, CE52SR2) In addition to Weather proof Monitor, it has adaptive brightness in accordance with prevailing light conditions. - EXTENSIVE INPUT & OUTPUT TERMINALS (for all products) This Monitor set has various input and output terminals including component (Y,Pb,Pr) or RGBHV input and output with 5-BNC, composite video input and output with BNC, and RS-232 control port (serial D-Sub 9) input and output which offer the daisy chain connection. There are computer inputs (a D-Sub 15 RGB terminal) and DVI-D input with HDCP for High definition signals. There are also jacks for external speakers.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS. 2 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. 3 Installation and Use. 3 SERVICING ... . ... 4 Servicing. 4 Federal Communications Commission Notice. 4 AC Power Cord Requirement . 5 End-User License. 5 INSTALLATION . 6 Step: 1 Mains Connection. 6 Step: 2 Connections. 6 Remote control . 7 Remote control battery installation. 7 Controls and Menus . 8 Menu Operation. 8 Picture menu. 8 MENU OPERATION. 9 Picture menu. 9 Sound menu . 9 Time menu. 9 Setup menu. 9 PC Adj. menu. 10 INSTALLATION MODE . 11 Installation Mode. 11 OPERATION. 12 Selection of picture size . 12 PIP/POP Operation. 13 OPERATION (IN TEXT MODE). 14 Teletext Operation. 14 SPECIFICATIONS/HELPFUL HINTS . 15 Specification. 15 Helpful hints. 15 DIMENSIONS. 16 PC/DVI-D/COMPONENT SIGNAL SUPPORT TIMING LIST. 17 RS232C COMMAND TABLES. 18


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