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Fluke and Philips PM3384 Osciloscopio
Fluke and Philips
Modelo: PM3384
Fecha: 1992
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Osciloscopio
Descripción: 100 MHz 200 MS/s DSO

The family consists of four digital general purpose oscilloscopes with model numbers PM3382, PM3384, PM3392 and PM3394. All instruments have four vertical channels. Differences between these models are the vertical bandwidth, the features of the vertical channels 3 and 4 and the presence of switchable 50Ω input impedance. Vertical bandwidth is 100 or 200 MHz. The ’true 4 channel’ oscilloscopes have four channels with a wide range of input sensitivities. Channel 3 and 4 in the ’4 channel’ versions offer the most commonly used input sensitivities (0.1 and 0.5 V/div).

Estos manuales están disponibles para el equipo anterior:

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Comments (2)

John Comptersays...

Do you mean FlukeView? I have, but it is only running under Windows XP.

Fluke did not make versions for Windows 7 and further.

Hi, I need the software for the osciloscope fluke-Philips PM3384
John Comptersays...

Flukeview operates well under Windows XP, but it displays the channels and you can store them.

Finally I programmed in Mathematica an interactive module that allows the addition of all the features you want assuming you can program in Mathematica. The big avantage is that modern versions of WIndows vcan be combined with the old CombiScopes of Fluke.

Of course, communication is also possible and realized with QuickBasic 4.5, but then you have to program even a lot before you get the traces on your screen and that in a Dos-box.

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