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IOTech Digital488/80A Interfaz
Modelo: Digital488/80A
Fecha: 1998
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Interfaz
Descripción: 80-Bit IEEE 488 / Digital I/O Interface

The Digital488/80A is a digital input and output Interface to the IEEE 488 bus that enables an IEEE 488 controller to program 80 bits of TTL level signals as either inputs or outputs. It includes six handshake/control lines for each 40-bit channel and two addressing modes. The unit is fully programmable, including the power-up configuration, which is stored in non-volatile RAM. The internal data buffer in the Digital488/80A can store up to 2,000 40-byte words. With the addition of the HVCX1 High Current/High Voltage Interface option, the I/O lines can be configured as high voltage inputs or as high current/high voltage outputs to allow interfacing with solenoids, switching relays and other high voltage/high current devices.

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Fecha: 1998
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