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Philips PM2554 Multímetro analógico
Modelo: PM2554
Fecha: 1978
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro analógico
Descripción: AC Millivoltmeter

The Philips AC millivoltmeter PM 2554 is a sensitive and accurate measuring instrument suitable for floating measurements from 50 µV up to 300 V in the frequency range from 2 Hz up to 12 MHz. The instrument can be powered by mains. By the very great bandwidth and sensitivity the instrument has a width range of applications, e.g. measurements on LF and HF amplifiers, carrier-wave telephony, electro-acoustical as well as for measurements on transducers and measuring-transformers, etc. The d.c. or a.c. output choosen by an internal jumper, makes it possible to employ the instrument as an a.c./d.c. Converter or as an a.c. Amplifier. The instrument has a great indicating speed, a high temperature stability and is quickly ready for use. The 12 measuring ranges of 1 mV up to 300 V f.s.d. overlap so that a high reading accuracy is obtained. The moving-coil instrument is provided with a mirror scale with the ranges 0-30 and 0-100 as well as dB scale from —20 dB...+ 2 dB (total span —80 dB... + 52 dB). By means of the measuring-probe PM 9336 the input impedance can be changed from 1 MΩ// 30pF except capacity measuring cable (100 pF) into 10 MΩ// 11 pF to permit measurements on very high ohmic circuits.

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GENERAL/ ALLGEMEINES / GENERALITES 1. Introduction 4 Einleitung 11 Introduction 18 2. Technical data 4 Technische daten 11 Caractéristiques techniques 18 3. Accessories 6 Zubehör 13 Accessoires 20 4. Principle of operation 7 Wirkungsweise 14 Principe de fonctionnement 21 DIRECTIONS FOR USE / GEBRAUCHSANWEISUNG / MODE D'EMPLOI 5. Installation 8 Installation 15 Installation 24 6. Operation 9 Bedienung 16 Operation 26 SERVICE DATA 7. Circuit description 30 8. Access 36 9. Maintenance and servicing 36 10. Checking and adjusting 37 11. List of parts 40


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José Cavalcante
Jun 2016
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Fiquei muito contente em conseguir este manual de serviço pm 2554, muito obrigado.
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