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Kenwood TS-530S Transceptor
Modelo: TS-530S
Categoría: Radio, Comunicación
Grupo: Transceptor
Descripción: HF Transceiver

INTRODUCTION The TS-530 is a single conversion Transceiver with an intermediate frequency of 8.83 MHz. In transmission, an SSB signal generated at 8.83 MHz is mixed with the PLL local Oscillator output to produce the final transmission frequency. The circuitry is hybrid with vacuum tubes used only in the driver (12BY7A) and final-stage power Amplifier (6146B's). The PLL circuit generates a heterodyne frequency for each band and a counter reference signal from a single crystal oscillator. The TS-530 incorporates an IF SHIFT circuit, VOX (also used for CW semi-break-in), side tone circuit, speech processor, noise blanker, XTAL calibrator, and etc.

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