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GE Healthcare Vivid 7 Pro Ultrasonido
GE Healthcare
Modelo: Vivid 7 Pro
Fecha: 2007
Categoría: Equipo Médico y Biomédico
Grupo: Ultrasonido
Descripción: Ultrasound Scanner
                                    Overview of the Vivid 7 Ultrasound Scanner
 Vivid 7 is a phased and linear array ultrasound imaging
scanner. It also has provisions for analog
input sources like ECG and phono, and a Doppler probe may be
connected and used too.
 Real Time 3D (RT 3D) was introduced as an option to VIVID 7
Dimension in 2004 (BT’04).
 The unit can be used for:
 2D Black and White imaging
 2D Color Flow
 M-Mode Black and White imaging
 Color M-Mode
 a number of combinations of the above
 Real Time 3D measurements (4D)
 Vivid 7 is a digital beam forming unit and can handle up to
192 element linear probes by use of
 Signal flow from the Probe Connector Panel to the
Front-End, then to the Mid Processors and Back-
End Processor and finally to the monitor and peripherals.
 System configuration is stored on a hard disk drive (HDD)
and all necessary software is loaded from
the HDD on power up.

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This Service Manual provides installation and service
information for the Vivid 7 Ultrasound Scanning unit.

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