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Zeiss OPMI 1 FC Microscopio
Modelo: OPMI 1 FC
Fecha: 1997
Categoría: Equipo Médico y Biomédico
Grupo: Microscopio
Descripción: Surgical Microscope

The OPMI® 1 FC is a manually-operated, multi-cxjrpose surgical Microscope designed for use in s I disciplines as a surgical Microscope examination Microscope training and dissecting Microscope. The OPMI® 1 FC is equipped with a 5-stage magnification changer which is operated manually. Fine focussing is done at the focus knob located on the Microscope body. The focus drive has a range of 50 mm. To change the viewing angle, you can tilt the Microscope in stepless motion. The friction of the tilt motion and the focussing motion can be adjusted to the weight of the Microscope equipment. The suspension system is equipped with a 100 W Halogen lamp. The light is conducted to the Microscope via a fiber light guide. This system provides for coaxial illumination of the field of view. The OPMI® 1FC can be equipped with a wide range of accessories: 8° or 0° assistant's Microscope various coobservation systems photographic and video equipment These accessories can be mounted quickly and easily.

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Tipo de Manual:: Manual del usuario Zeiss-10395-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Páginas:: 33
Tamaño:: 5.91 Mbytes (6197168 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglés
Número de identificación: G 30-1003-e
Fecha: 26 febrero 1997
Calidad: Documento Scaned, todo legible.
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MD5: bd970c62a26e5d58a2bc6fec9cfd8b2d
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Safety precautions ... 4 Regulations and standards ... 4 Notes on installation and usage ... 4 Phototoxic Retinal Damage in Eye Surgery ... 7 Warning labels and notes ... 8 Description ... 10 General ... 10 Safety devices ... 10 OPMI® 1 FC Surgical Microscope ... 12 Binocular tube and eyepieces ... 14 Installation ... 15 Attaching the Microscope ... 16 Connections ... 17 Re-equipping the Microscope ... 18 Preparations for operation ... 19 Adjusting the balancing system ... 19 Positioning the stand ... 19 Limitation of downward movement ... 19 Friction adjustments ... 19 Illumination ... 19 Adjusting the surgical Microscope ... 20 Checklist ... 21


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