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Mindray Datascope Passport V Sistema de monitoreo
Modelo: Datascope Passport V
Fecha: 2009
Categoría: Equipo Médico y Biomédico
Grupo: Sistema de monitoreo
Descripción: Patient Monitor
                                    This patient monitor is intended to be used for monitoring,
displaying, reviewing, storing, and transferring of multiple
physiological parameters including: ECG, respiration (Resp),
temperature (Temp), SpO2, pulse rate (PR), non-invasive
blood pressure (NIBP), invasive blood pressure (IBP), End
tidal CO2 value (EtCO 2) and anesthetic gas (AG) of single
pediatric, and neonatal patients.

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Tipo de Manual:: Manual de servicio Mindray-10234-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Páginas:: 132
Tamaño:: 5.58 Mbytes (5852673 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglés
Número de identificación: 0070-10-0705
Fecha: 01 enero 2009
Calidad: Documento electrónico, sin análisis, muy bien legible.
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MD5: 7793a753c31ed355480120f48cf4818a
Descargas: 30 desde 05 febrero 2018
The Passport V Service Manual is intended as a guide for
technically qualified personnel during repair and
calibration procedures. This publication may have been
updated to reflect
product design changes and/or manual improvements.

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