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Orban 4000A1 Convertidor
Modelo: 4000A1
Fecha: 1996
Categoría: Equipo de música profesional
Grupo: Convertidor
Descripción: Transmission Limiter
                                    Orban’s 4000 Transmission Limiter protects transmission
links, such as digital links, land lines, microwave links,
and satellite links, from overload. To achieve simple,
error-free setup and operation, the 4000 Transmission
Limiter is equipped with the minimum number of controls and
indicators necessary to do its job properly.

The 4000 Transmission Limiter provides the following
features and functions:

•	transparently protects transmission links (such as digital
PCM, NICAM, analog microwave, and telephone/post lines) from

protect broadcast transmitters more effectively. These
OPTIMOD units should always be used wherever transmitter
protection is required, except for applications requiring
“purist” total transparency of sound, without the benefit of
OPTI-MOD’s level and loudness control.

•	can be purchased in single-channel and dual-channel
configurations. The dualchannel unit can be strapped for stereo.

•	accurately and transparently limits levels without
producing audible artifacts.

•	has very low static and dynamic distortion, thus producing
extremely transparent, natural audio quality, both below and
above threshold.

•	includes pre-emphasis limiting for five different
pre-emphasis curves: 25(j.s, 50jas, 75|J.s, 150|xs and CCITT

•	rigorously limits its output bandwidth to 15kHz while
constraining overshoots at its output to approximately 1dB

•	contains a built-in 100% modulation tone generator,
facilitating quick and accurate level setting in any system.

•	is fully remote-controllable so that large facilities can
perform routine network line-up checks centrally.

•	accurately indicates limiting with a 10-element LED
bargraph array.

•	has a hard-wire relay bypass that can be activated locally
or by remote control, and which activates automatically when
the 4000 loses mains power.

•	has a transformerless, balanced 10kH
instrumentation-amplifier input and a transformerless,
balanced, floating 30Q output to ensure highest transparency
and accurate pulse response. (Optional high quality input
and output transformers are available to protect against the
very high common-mode voltages present on certain long lines.)
•	is designed to meet all applicable international safety

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1-1	Section 1: Introduction

Orban’s 4000 Transmission Limiter Registration, Warranty,

2-1	Section 2: Installation


Audio Input and Output Connections Grounding

3-1	Section 3: Operation

4000 Controls and Meters Setting Up the 4000 More About
Audio Processing

4-1	Section 4: Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Getting Inside the Chassis Performance
Evaluation, Alignment

5-1	Section 5: Troubleshooting

Problems and Possible Causes Troubleshooting IC Opamps
Technical Support Factory Service Shipping Instructions

6-1	Section 6: Technical Data

Specifications Circuit Description Parts List

Schematics, Assembly Drawings Abbreviations

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