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Automated Processes Inc. MagicLink 230 Mezclador
Automated Processes Inc.
Modelo: MagicLink 230
Fecha: 1973
Categoría: Equipo de música profesional
Grupo: Mezclador
Descripción: Synchronizer

MagLink is a completely new approach to fast, efficient tape synchronizing, position logging and editing. Through the use of a unique timing code system, videotape, multitrack audio, and magnetic film machines may now be locked in synchronism, offset, or stopped and started at preset positions with an accuracy not formerly attainable. A master and any number and any type of slave machines may be controlled by MagLink and will remain synchronized even in REWIND and FAST FORWARD modes. MagLink acts as a precise "electronic sprocket" coupled to an accurate programmable footage counter which links and controls any number and any type of tape machines. This is accomplished by means of the MagLink position code which can be recorded on one track of each tape during the original session or applied later during the mix ing or editing process. A MagLink code Converter is avail able to accommodate SMPTE coded tapes. A separate code generator can be used for recording at remote locations. The various modes of operation and their functions are discussed below. SYNCHRONIZATION Synchronization can occur between a master tape machine and up to six slave machines per Model 200 assembly. When the AUTO/MANUAL switch is set to AUTO, all slaves will automatically assume the same stationary position as the master, regardless of where they were, and will remain stationary until the master tape machine is set in motion. When this happens, all slaves stay locked to the master, whether it is in the PLAY or RECORD mode, or in the FAST FORWARD or REWIND mode. In the latter two modes, synchronization will be maintained regardless of the speed of the machines, and in the case of most machines available today, regardless of whether or not the tape is lifted away from the heads. Bear in mind that no modifications to the tape machines are required. However, connections to the remote motion controls are necessary. This is a simple process and data is provided. These connections are required for the master and the slaves. Additionally, connections are made to the drive motor of each slave.

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