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BK Precision 290 Multímetro analógico
BK Precision
Modelo: 290
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro analógico
Descripción: Solid State Electronic Multimeter

The B & K Model 290 is a solid state FET input Electronic Multimeter ideally suited for radio and TV service? technicians, industrial users, engineers and hobbyists. Its main features include: • High input impedance (15 megohms) on both AC and DC voltage measurements for minimum circuit loading. • 50 millivolts full-scale sensitivity on both AC and DC volts. • Special low resistance ohms range (one ohm center scale). • Low voltage and normal voltage ohms tests for measuring resistances or for testing IC’s, transistors, SCR’s, etc. in or out-of circuit. • Full AC operation (no batteries) with regulated power supplies for ultra stable operation. • Protection from accidental overloads to meter, FET’s and other circuit elements. • Easy-to-read meter with mirrored scale for making exact measurements.

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GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND SPECIAL FEATURES ... 3 SPECIFICATIONS ... 3 OPERATING CONTROLS ... 6 OPERATING THE MODEL 290 ... 6 Safety Precautions ... 6 Preparation for Making Measurements ... 7 Measuring DC Voltages ... 7 Zero Center DC Voltages ... 7 Measuring AC Voltages ... 7 dB Measurements ... 8 Measuring Resistances ... 10 Measuring AC Current ... 12 Measuring DC Current ... 13 Measuring DC Currents below 50 mA ... 13 CALIBRATION AND MAINTENANCE ... 14 CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ... 17 WARRANTY SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS ... 19


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