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Telequipment D1011 Osciloscopio
Modelo: D1011
Fecha: 1979
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Osciloscopio
Descripción: 10MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope
                                    These are lightweight 10MHz a.c. mains powered, dual trace
instruments, with a single time base and two identical
vertical amplifiers. The scanning area is 8x 10cm and has a
time and voltage measurement accuracy of 5%.

The use of solid state circuitry incorporating integrated
circuits and field-effect transistors minimises drift and
provides fast stabilization time.

The facilities include a single trace display, or dual trace
display with the two channels either chopped or alternated,
and an external X mode.

Type D1011 has the additional facilities of (a) x5 gain on
each channel (b)switching one channel for true X—Y display,
(c) algebraic addition of two input signals, (d) variable
control of sweep speeds between the marked positions of the
SECS/DIV switch.

All references to the external operating controls are in
capital letters e.g. BEAM FINDER.

The standards used throughout for symbols and unit
abbreviations are IEC27 and BS1991.

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This Instruction Manual describes the Performance, Operation
and Servicing of Oscilloscope Types D1010 and D1011. 


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