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Collins Telecommunications DL-1 Otro
Collins Telecommunications
Modelo: DL-1
Fecha: 1966
Categoría: Radio, Comunicación
Grupo: Otro
Descripción: 100 Watt Resistor Load

The DL-1 is a 100-watt resistor load for use with any 100-watt Transmitter or Transceiver such as the 32S-1, 32S-3, or KWM-2. Refer to figure 1. Use of this dummy load allows alignment or adjustment of Transmitter circuits without sustained radiation of an interfering carrier. The DL-1 consists of four 50-ohm Globar resistors in a series-parallel arrangement to provide a 50-ohm resistive load. The DL-1 may be switched locally or remotely to select Antenna or dummy load for connection to Transmitter output. Jacks are provided for 6.3-volt ac 50- to 60-Hz relay coil supply, remote switching, and Transmitter and Antenna connections. The unit can be set on a table or desk or mounted on any chassis or rack frame by means of the two tapped holes on the bottom. As an alternate mounting, the four rubber feet can be removed and the unit mounted on a flat plate with four 6-32 screws.

Estos manuales están disponibles para el equipo anterior:

Tipo de Manual:: Servicio y Manual del usuario Collins-9150-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Páginas:: 4
Tamaño:: 442.67 Kbytes (453289 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglés
Revisión: Third Printing
Número de identificación: 523-0106000-101311
Fecha: 01 enero 1966
Calidad: Documento Scaneds, en parte leyendo mal, no parcialmente legible.
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MD5: d6eca3d7bb677095b036b535aeb7af24
Descargas: 121 desde 04 agosto 2017


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