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Cornell Dubilier Electronics AR-22-220 Antena
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
Modelo: AR-22-220
Categoría: Radio, Comunicación
Grupo: Antena
Descripción: CDR Rotor

The control unit was designed with one knob control for easy and simple operation. A 360° rotation of the knob on the control unit corresponds to a complete rotation (360°) of the Antenna. The end of rotation on the knob corresponds to the end of rotation on the Rotor. The knob will rotate 360° between ends of rotation and can be set in any of the 60 positions on the control unit dial, each representing 6° rotation of the Antenna. When turning the knob thru an angle greater than 330° allow the unit to pulse a few times before completing the turn. Do not force the knob when the end of rotation is reached. (A) IMPORTANT — IF LIGHTS REMAIN ON AFTER PULSING HAS STOPPED it indicates [with the exception noted in (B)] that the rotor and control box are not synchronized with each other and the motor is stalled. Do not allow this condition to continue because the temperature of the motor is rising unnecessarily. Correct this condition by synchronizing per instructions on Page 4 or on the underside of the control box. (B) IMPORTANT — IF PULSING SOUND IS NOT EVIDENT WHEN YOU TURN THE KNOB, either to the right or to the left, it indicates that the thermoswitch has come into play. This protective device automatically shuts off the power to the rotor unit when the rotator has been operated continuously for too long a period of time (usually 10 to 15 minutes) or when the rotor and control box have been allowed to remain out of synchronization with each other with the power on as mentioned above. To REMEDY, line the knob up with the red pointer and allow the rotator to rest until the temperature drops. This will take about 5 minutes. The thermoswitch will then close and the rotator will again be operative. To service any part of the automatic control unit, first take off the rubber bumpers and remove cabinet from chassis. (See Fig. D). Check for obvious defects such as loose solder connections, burned out transformer, pitted contacts, etc. associated with the A.C. power source. Check for your difficulty by using the trouble-shooting chart included in this Manual. In the exploded views of the control unit (Fig. E) and the rotor unit (Fig. 5) the individual parts and their part numbers are shown. Use this reference to order parts by the proper part number.

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