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RIGOL Technologies Inc. DM3064 Multímetro digital
RIGOL Technologies Inc.
Modelo: DM3064
Fecha: 2007
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro digital

RIGOL DM3000-Series Digital multimeter is a high-precision, multifunction, 1 multi-automatic measurement for user’s designment of products, including 6digits multimeter, high-speed data acquisition, automatic measurement and inspection, many mathematical transform, in one of Sensor measurements and other functions. In support RS-232, USB, LAN and GPIB interface. It supportsdisk storage and print. In performance, the DM3000 has high-resolution monochrome LCD display system, supports a simple waveform display and data recording waveform display; clear and easy to operate the button backlight keyboard layout and operation make it more flexible, user-friendly operating features; 50k/s high data sampling rate, can be used, such as the rapidly changing high-precision audio waveform data; depth 2Mbyte of internal storage, external storage can be arbitrary depth; adopt true RMS AC voltage and current measurement; virtual terminal display and control, and remote network access. 2 U From the performance and characteristics are given below, you will Understand how can DM3000 satisfy your measurement requirements. z 50k/s data sampling rate can be used, such as the rapidly changing high-precision audio waveform data. Meanwhile waveform can be displayed on LCD Screen z Measurement accuracy: more than 6 1/2 and 2,400,000 Count z 26 measurement functions — DC voltage and current, AC voltage and current, two-wire and four-wire resistance, capacitance, continuity test, diode test, frequency, cycle ratio measurements, arbitrary Sensor measurement, And so on. — Upper limit and lower limit on the threshold measurement — Arithmetic include: maximum, minimum, average, dBm, dB — Data acquisition functions include : data records, inspection, automatic measurement z True RMS AC voltage and current measurement z 16- Road inspection functional measurement and control Software (optional) z DC voltage >10GΩ input impedance to achieve the scope of 48V (±24V) z With data acquisition function, the maximum sampling rate support to 50kSP/s z 10 groups measuring set-up storage and embedded PC measuring set up unlimited storage Saturating responses of 256 x 64 pixel monochrome LCD I/O: RS-232, USB, LAN and GPIB Built-in USB Host to support USB disk and USB Printer Simple, convenient, flexible control software: Ultralogger, SupportsMicrosoft® Windows 98/2000/Me/XP

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Safety Notices ... II General-Purpose Multimeter ... V CHAPTER 1 BASIC MULTIMETER OPERATIONS ... 1-1 General Inspection ... 1-2 Handle Adjustment ... 1-3 The Front/Rear Panel and User Interface ... 1-4 To Measure DC Voltage ... 1-7 To Measure AC Voltage ... 1-9 To Measure DC Current ... 1-11 To Measure AC Current ... 1-13 To Measure Resistance ... 1-15 To Measure Capacitance ... 1-19 To Test Continuity ... 1-21 To Check Diodes ... 1-23 To Measure Frequency and Period ... 1-25 To Measure Arbitrary Sensor ... 1-29 To Choice Digits resolving index ... 1-34 To Choose Data Digit Display ... 1-35 To Choose Range Options ... 1-36 To Control Trigger Options ... 1-38 CHAPTER 2 OPERATING YOUR MULTIMETER ... 2-1 To Set up Measurement Parameters ... 2-2 Math Functions ... 2-12 To Set Up Triggering Parameter Function ... 2-19 Store and Recall ... 2-27 To Set Up the Utility ... 2-32 High-speed Data Logger ... 2-46 Multi-route Scanning ... 2-53 How to Use the Built-in Help System ... 2-61 CHAPTER 3 APPLICATION & EXAMPLES ... 3-1 Example 1: Reading Statistic Functions ... 3-1 Example 2: Elimination Test Leads Resistance Error ... 3-3 Example 3: dB Measurement ... 3-4 Example 4: dBm Measurement ... 3-5 Example 5: Limit Test ... 3-6 Example 6: Temperature Sensor ... 3-7 Example 7: Reading Hold ... 3-11 CHAPTER 4 PROMPT MESSAGES& TROUBLESHOOTING ... 4-1 Prompting Message ... 4-1 Troubleshooting ... 4-3 CHAPTER 5 SUPPORT & SERVICE ... 5-4 CHAPTER 6 APPENDIX ... 6-1 Appendix A: Specifications ... 6-1 Appendix B: DM3000 Series Accessories ... 6-7 Appendix C: General Care and Cleaning ... 6


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