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Schaffner NSG 431 Otro
Modelo: NSG 431
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Otro
                                    In certain environmental conditions^ objects - as well as
human beings - can charge themselves with electrical energy.

This can be explained as follows:

When two insulating materials with different dielectric
constants are rubbed against each other one material
transfers electrons to the other. The resulting potential
difference is discharged in a short compensating action when
another metal object is approacheds whereby an arc occurs
and strong magnetic fields are built up.

In areas where data processing equipments are installed the
relative humidity can drop below 50 % due to the dissipation
from the equipment which is given up to the surroundings.
Since the danger exists that electrostatic charging takes
place with decreasing humidityit is possible that people
also charge themselves up in such surroundings. This can
take place through friction on a synthetic carpet or between
two vestments. The resulting potential can reach several kV.
When a conducting object is approached a compensating action
occurs, which is felt as a slight shock. The compensating
current which flows and the accompanying electromagnetic
field leads to malfunctioning or destruction of components
in installations which are not sufficiently protected. It is
necessary to systematically test such systems which are
subject to interference if the economic dis~ advantages
cannot be accepted.

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1.	Introduction
2.	Application
3.	Mode of operation
4.	Operating controls
5.	Operation
	5.1 Preparation
	5.2 Adjustments
	5.3 Breakdown recognition (Option) SL
	5.4 Safety
6.	Technical data
7.	Examples of usage
8.	Maintenance
9.	Options
	9.1 Measuring Adapter
	9.2 Adjustable spark gap
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