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Philips Mistral GC 2016 Hierro
Modelo: Mistral GC 2016
Fecha: 2001
Categoría: Electrónicos para el hogar
Grupo: Hierro
Descripción: Steam Iron

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features - Colour white/blue - Ceralon soleplate - Tank capacity (200 ml) - Steam rate (25 g/min) - Calc clean - Shot of steam (45 g/min) - Vertical steam - Integrated cord winder with clip - Length of cord : 1.9 m. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Voltage : 120 V, 220-240 V. Frequency : 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 1300 W, 1600 W. Water advice : Suitable for tap water use. However if the tap water in your area is very hard, we advise you to mix it with a equal portion of distilled water or to use distilled water only. Soleplate Ceralon, the name indicates the strong combination of a non-stick coating (“lon”) blended with ceramic (“Cera”) particles. The soleplate is coated with Ceralon material which is smooth gliding, high scratch resistance and good durability advantage over the non stick coatings. Calc clean The integrated Calc clean function ensure a longer lifetime using normal tap water by removing the Scale out of the steam chamber. Shot of steam (S.O.S) The shot of steam knob releases a powerful shot of steam boost (up to 45 g/min), created by a separate shot of steam area. This helps getting rid of stubborn wrinkles easily. Vertical Steam The same shot of steam button can be used in a vertical position for curtains or hanging garments.

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Tipo de Manual:: Manual de servicio Philips-8660-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Páginas:: 4
Tamaño:: 104.37 Kbytes (106874 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglés
Número de identificación: 4322 277 00634
Fecha: 01 mayo 2001
Calidad: Documento electrónico, sin análisis, muy bien legible.
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MD5: 7c404226348be8b277fabbb0aa144a80
Descargas: 81 desde 31 enero 2017


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