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BK Precision 2120B Osciloscopio
BK Precision
Modelo: 2120B
Fecha: 2000
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Osciloscopio

LOW COST, HIGH PERFORMANCE B+K Precision’s entry level oscilloscopes, Models 2120B and 2125A, are economically priced to equal the competition, but offer higher performance than the competition. For example, most competitor’s entry level oscilloscopes have a 20 MHz bandwidth, while B+K Precision’s Models 2120B and 2125A offer a 30 MHz bandwidth. These oscilloscopes are built by and backed by B+K Precision, a company that has been selling reliable, durable, value priced test instruments for over 50 years. CRT FEATURES Rectangular CRT Rectangular CRT with large 8x10 centimeter viewing area. On Model 2125A, graticule is equipped with variable scale illumination. Convenience Trace rotation electrically adjustable from front panel. 0%, 10%, 90%, and 100% markers for rise time measurements. DUAL TRACE FEATURES Dual Trace Models 2120B and2125A each have two vertical input channels for displaying two waveforms simultaneously. Selectable single trace (either CH 1 or CH 2) or dual trace. Alternate or chop sweep selectable at all sweep rates. Sum and Difference Capability Permits algebraic addition or subtraction of channel 1 and channel 2 waveforms, displayed as a single trace. Useful for differential voltage and distortion measurements. HIGH FREQUENCY FEATURES Wide Bandwidth Conservatively-rated -3 dB bandwidth is dc to 30 MHz. Fast Rise Time Rise time is less than 12 ns. Fast Sweep Maximum sweep speed of 10 ns/div (with X10 MAG) assures high frequencies and short-duration pulses are displayed with high resolution. VERTICAL FEATURES High Sensitivity 5 mV/div sensitivity for full bandwidth. High-sen- sitivity 1 mV/div and 2 mV/div using PULL X5 gain control. Calibrated Voltage Measurements Accurate voltage measurements (±3%) on 10 calibrated ranges from 5 mV/div to 5 V/ div. Vertical gain fully adjustable between calibrated ranges. SWEEP FEATURES Calibrated Time Measurements Accurate (±3%) time measurements. The main sweep has 23 calibrated ranges from 2 S/div to 0.1 (iS/div. The delayed sweep on the Model 2125A has 23 calibrated ranges from 2 S/div to 0.1 pS/div. Sweep time is fully adjustable between calibrated ranges. X10 Sweep Magnification Allows closer examination of waveforms, increases maximum sweep rate to 10 nS/div. DUAL TIME BASE FEATURES (Model 2125A) Dual Sweep Generators Main sweep gives normal waveform display, delayed sweep may be operated at faster sweep speed to expand a portion of the waveform. Four Sweep Modes Choice of main sweep only, delayed sweep only, main sweep and delayed sweep sharing the trace (percentage of main/delayed sweep adjustable), or X-Y. Adjustable Start Of Delayed Sweep DELAY TIME POSition control allows adjustment of delayed sweep starting point. TRIGGERING FEATURES Two Trigger Modes Selectable normal (triggered) or automatic sweep modes. Triggered Sweep Sweep remains at rest unless adequate trigger signal is applied. Fully adjustable trigger level and (+) or (-) slope. AUTO Sweep Selectable AUTO sweep provides sweep without trigger input, automatically reverts to triggered sweep operation when adequate trigger is applied. Five Trigger Sources Five trigger source selections, including CH 1, CH 2, alternate, EXT, and LINE. Video Sync Frame (TV V) or Line (TV H) triggering selectable for observing composite video waveforms. TV-H position can also be used as low frequency reject and TV-V position can be used as high frequency reject. Variable Holdoff Trigger inhibit period after end of sweep adjustable. Permits stable observation of complex pulse trains. OTHER FEATURES X-Y Operation Channel 1 can be applied as horizontal deflection (X-axis) while channel 2 provides vertical deflection (Y-axis). Built-in Probe Adjust Square Wave A 2 V p-p, 1 kHz square wave Generator permits Probe compensation adjustment. Component Test Function (Model 2125A) Built-in X-Y type component tester applies fixed level ac signal to components for display of signature on CRT. Channel 2 (Y) Output (Model 2125A) A buffered 50Q output of the channel 2 signal is available at the rear panel for driving a frequency Counter or other instruments. The output is 50 mV/div (nominal) into 50£2. Z-Axis Input (Model 2125A) Rear panel Z-Axis input allows intensity modulation. Supplied With Two Probes

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TEST INSTRUMENT SAFETY ... inside front cover FEATURES ... 3 SPECIFICATIONS ... 5 CONTROLS AND INDICATORS ... 7 General Function Controls ... 7 Vertical Controls ... 7 Horizontal Controls ... 9 Triggering Controls ... 9 Rear Panel Controls ... 10 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ... 11 Safety Precautions ... 11 Equipment Protection Precautions ... 11 Operating Tips ... 12 Initial Starting Procedure ... 12 Single Trace Display ... 12 Dual Trace Display ... 12 Triggering ... 13 Magnified Sweep Operation ... 15 Page OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (Continued) X-Y Operation ... 15 Video Signal Observation ... 15 Application Guidebook ... 15 Delayed Sweep Operation ... 15 Component Test Operation ... 16 MAINTENANCE ... 20 Fuse Replacement ... 20 Line Voltage Selection ... 20 Periodic Adjustments ... 20 Calibration Check ... 21 Instrument Repair Serv ice ... 21 APPENDIX ... 22 Important Considerations for Rise Time and Fall Time Measurements ... 22 Service Information ... 23 Limited Warranty ... 24 “Guidebook To Oscilloscopes” Availability ... inside back cover


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