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Eldico Electronics SSB-100F Transmisor
Eldico Electronics
Modelo: SSB-100F
Categoría: Radio, Comunicación
Grupo: Transmisor
Descripción: Exciter Transmitter

The SSB-100F is a medium power, single sideband suppressed carrier Transmitter designed for simplex telephone or telegraph operation. It may also be operated with carrier to make it compatible with existing amplitude modulated systems. The SSB-100F covers all amateur frequencies between 3. 5 and 29.5 megacycles in 8 bands, selected by a front panel switch. The Peak Envelope Power output is 100 watts. The occupied bandwidth is 3 Kc as opposed to 6 Kc with a conventional AM or DSB transmitter, and either sideband is selectable by a switch on the front panel. 2. FEATURES The SSB-100F has been designed to provide the utmost in flexibility without compromising the performance characteristics which up to now were available only in highly specialised equipment. Among the features that contribute to the high grade performance of this Transmitter are the following: A. Highly stable filter type exciter section providing a minimum of 50 db attenuation of the unwanted sideband and carrier. B. Selectable sideband operation, front panel controlled. C. Audio shaping for maximum intelligibility, pleasing quality and conservation of valuable spectrum space. D. Voice controlled break-in operation with speaker quieting circuit. E. Built-in highly stable variable frequency Oscillator. F. Inverse RF feedback for low distortion, G. Compact design, completely self-contained including all controls, circuits for Receiver muting and Antenna change over (external Antenna relay required). H. Built-in one-inch oscilloscope for continuous monitoring of the linearity of all mixers and amplifiers between exciter and power output stage. I. Complete ham band coverage with dial calibrated in 10 Kc increments, readable to 2 Kc. J. Tuning rate is constant for all bands. K. Carrier insertion and audio level are independently adjustable. L>. While the output impedance is nominally 52 ohms, an adjustable loading network permits matching into lines of Other impedances, even with moderate standing wave ratio. M. Provision is made in voice control circuits to operate external relays, etc.

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DESCRIPTION 1. Introduction ... - ... . . 2. Features ... 3. Specifications . • • * ... n . . . INSTALLATION 1. Unpacking - ... 2. Location and Mounting ... 3. External Connections ... m . . . OPERATION 1. Controls ... 2. Initial Adjustments ... 3. Tuning Procedure ... IV . . . THEORY OF OPERATION 1. General ... 2. Audio and Voice Break-in Circuits ... 3. Low Frequency Oscillator, Cathode Follower, Balanced Modulator and Crystal Filter ... 4. Sideband Selection ... 5. CW and AM Signals ... 6. Third Mixer and Crystal Oscillator ... 7. Driver and Power Amplifier ... 8. Oscilloscope ... 9. Power Supply ... 10. Control Circuits ... V . . . MAINTENANCE 1. Service Adjustments ... 2. Trouble Shooting ... 3. Trouble Shooting Chart ... 4. Voltage Charts ... 5. Resistance Chart ... . . ALIGNMENT PROCEDURES 1, Adjustment of Crystal Oscillator ... 29 2, Step-by-Step Alignment Procedures ... 30 3, Alignment of Power Supply and Final Amplifier ... 31 SECTION VD . . . SPECIAL ALIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS 1. Changing Band Coverage ... 33 PARTS LISTS 1. Exciter Section ... 34 2. VFO Section ... 38 3. Power Supply Section ...


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