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Fluke 8840 Series Multímetro digital
Modelo: 8840 Series
Fecha: 1990
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro digital
Descripción: Bench/System Multimeter
The 8840 Series has performance you would expect in
multimeters costing much more. Basic dc accuracies to 0.003%
and basic ac accuracies to 0.08% at one year are available.
See the specifications that follow for complete information
on measurement ranges and accuracy.
Closed-Case Calibration
No internal adjustments are required for calibration. After
you initiate calibration via a recessed front panel switch,
you are led through a software controlled procedure that
even double checks to ensure that appropriate reference
inputs have been applied. Calibration can be performed under
front panel or GPIB/IEEE-488* control.
Self Testing
The 8840 Series automatically performs adigital self-test
each time it is powered up. Additionally, you can initiate a
comprehensive analog and digital diagnostic self-test from
the front panel or through the IEEE-488 interface.
Powerful System Capabilities
Adding the inexpensive IEEE-488 interface option to the 8840
Series provides system capability which includes complete
system control of functions, ranges, and reading rates.
Front and rear panel inputs are switch-selectable from the
front panel (and you can sense the status of the switch over
the bus). Calibration and self-test can also be controlled
over the bus.
Powerful yet simple device dependent IEEE -488 code allows
the 8840 Series DMMs to be easily integrated into your
system. System software written for the 8840A is compatible
with the 8842A and 8840A/AF.
The mechanical design also contributes to performance and
convenience in system applications. The 8840A Series’ metal
case provides EMI shielding to ensure measurement integrity.
The unit can be mounted in a half-rack slot simply by
removing the handle, turning the “twist-away” rear feet, and
bolting on rackmount brackets.
Embodying all these features, the 8840 Series DMMs are fully
programmable, powerful digital multimeters within reach of
every system builder.

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