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Keithley 6512 Multímetro analógico
Modelo: 6512
Fecha: 1999
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Multímetro analógico
Descripción: rogrammable Electrometer
                                    The Keithley Model 6512 Programmable Electrometer is a
highly sensitive instrument designed to measure voltage,
current, charge, and resistance. The measuring range of the
Model 6512 is between 10μV and 200V for voltage
measurements, from 0.1fA and 20mA for current measurements,
between 0.1Ω and 200GΩ for resistance measurements, and
in the range of 10fC and 20nC in the coulombs mode. Very
high input impedance and extremely low input offset current
allow accurate measurement in situations where many other
instruments would have detrimental effects on the circuit
being measured. A 4½ -digit display and standard IEEE-488
interface allow easy access to instrument data.

Some important Model 6512 features include:
• Ideal for low-current measurements—Current resolution
of 0.1fA makes the Model 6512 ideal for very lowcurrent
• 4½ -Digit Display—An easy-to-read front panel LED
display includes a 4½ -digit mantissa plus a two-digit
alpha or numeric exponent.
• Auto-ranging—Included for all functions and ranges.
• Digital Calibration—The instrument may be digitally
calibrated from the front panel or over the IEEE-488 bus.
• Zero Correct—A front panel zero correct control allows
you to cancel internal voltage offsets, optimizing accuracy.
• Baseline Suppression—One-button suppression of a
baseline reading is available from the front panel or
over the IEEE-488 bus.
• One-shot Triggering—A front panel control for triggering
one-shot readings from the front panel is included.
• Selectable Guarding—A selectable driven cable guard
is included to minimize the effects of leakage resistance
and stray capacitance.
• Standard IEEE-488 Interface—The IEEE-488 interface
allows full bus programmable operation of the Model
• Analog Outputs—Both preamp and 2V full-range analog
outputs are included on the rear panel.
• 100-Point Data Store—An internal buffer that can store
up to 100 readings is accessible from either the front
panel or over the IEEE-488 bus.
• Minimum and maximum data points can be stored and
are accessible from the front panel or over the IEEE-
488 bus.

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