Equipment information

Keithley 614 Digital multimeter
Model: 614
Date: 1981
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Digital multimeter
Description: Micrometer

INTRODUCTION The model 614 is an electrometer with 10⁻¹⁴ A sensitivity, and an input current less than 60fA at 23°C. Voltage sensitivity is 10µV to 20V with an input impedance of greater than 50TΩ. Resistance sensitivity of the Model 614 is from 1q to 2x10¹¹Ω using the constant current technique. Charge sensitivity (nC) is from 10fC to 20nC. FEATURES The model 614 includes the following features: • 4 1/2-digit display with appropriate decimal point. • 2V Analog Output - The 2V Analog Output provides an analog signal with a scale of 2V for Full Range at the display. The output impedance is 10kΩ. The signal is inverted for the Volts and Resistance functions. • Preamp Output, that can be used as a guard in the Volts and Resistance functions, and as an inverting output in the Current and Charge functions. The output impedance is 10kΩ. This output can be used for monitoring the input signal in applications requiring a buffer amplifier, and can also be used with external feedback. • Current Suppress, which is available in the Current mode, allows correction for input offset currents on any given range. Does not affect accuracy or drift, • Each Range has the following: 1. Automatic polarity operation, minus sign displayed, plus sign implied. 2. Effective input overload protection. 3. Overrange indication (flashing 0000). 4. Decimal point positioned by range push button. • Battery pack standard. Complete portability. Full charge is maintained when the model 614 is plugged in. Batteries at full charge will provide 10 hours of operation. • Line power can also be used. Switch over from battery power to line power is automatic. • Volts Zero sets "zero" on the 2V range and need not be readjusted on the other ranges.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Revision: Fourth Printing
Date: June 1999
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Manual Type: Service and User Manual Keithley-11290-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 60
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Language: english
Revision: D
Manual-ID/Number: 31896
Date: 01 July 1991
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