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Philips HX 1526 Tooth brush
Model: HX 1526
Date: 2002
Category: Home electronics
Group: Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Gum Protection System : The brush automatically fl exes back when too much pressure is applied. Because of this signal, the user will develop a safe and effi cient brushing technique. - Active tip : Removes plaque between the teeth - Number of brush heads included in fancy box : 1 - Colours : White/ blue - Timer / charging light : The pilot light blinks green during charging. When the brush time of two minutes has passed, the pilot light blinks red. - Waterproof : Yes - Anti rolling strip : To prevent the appliance from rolling away TECHNICAL DATA Voltage : 110-127 V; 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 2.8 Watts Speed (top) : up to 15.000 brush strokes per minute Gum Protection System click at : 270 gr. Charging time (empty to full) : 16 hours Operating time (full to empty) : ± 25 minutes Battery type : NiCd

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