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Philips PM 5334 Generator
Model: PM 5334
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Generator
Description: TV Sweep Generator

TV Sweep Generator PM 5334 is a versatile Generator for TV test- and alignment purposes. The complete television-, FM- as well as IF ranges are covered by using 8 individual frequency ranges, viz. 1. 3-6 MHz, T.V. sound and chroma IF 2. 4-7 MHz, T.V. sound and chroma IF 3. 7-12 MHz, FM IF 4. 30-50 MHz, T.V. picture IF 5. 45-85 MHz, T.V. band I 6. 85-150 MHz, FM band II 7. 150-270 MHz, T.V. band III 8. 460-860 MHz, T.V. band IV and V The instrument has a large scale easy to read, with special markers required for those frequencies used during alignment of T.V. sets. The sweep width is continuously adjustable and covers the complete selected scale range, thus enabling measurements on wide-band amplifiers. The sweep frequency is adjustable between 8 and 50 Hz. The variable marker can be modulated with a 1 kHz sine-wave or with a fixed marker {5.5 MHz, 10.7 MHz or 38.9 MHz). The output voltage is stabilized and continuously adjustable up to —80 dB in a load of 75Ω.

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