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Metex M3600B Digital multimeter
Model: M3600B
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Digital multimeter

General Features The dual-slope A/D Converter uses C-MOS technology for auto-zeroing, polarity section and over range indication. • Push button ON/OFF power switch • 30-Positions Rotary switch easy to use for Function and Range selection. • 17mm high contrast LCD • Very rigid case fully protected from physical shock • Automatic over range indication with the “1” display and all the bar flashing in bar model. • High surge voltage protection 1.5KV-3KV • Capacitance measurement for 3630 (B) & 3650 (B) • Diode and Audible Continuity test (Continuity Beep sound) • Transistor hFE test (except M3620 (B)) • Frequency measurement for 3650 (B) • Function Annunicators on LCD display • Low Battery Annunciator

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Pages: 17
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NTRODUCTION ... SAFETY INFORMATION ... FEATURES ... 3-1 General Features 3-2 LCD Display Features on SPECIFICATION ... INSTRUMENT OPERATION ... 5-1 Preliminary Note 5-2 DC Voltage Measurement 5-3 AC Voltage Measurement 5-4 DC Current Measurement 5-5 AC Current Measurement 5-6 Resistance Measurement MAINTENANCE ... 6-1 Battery Replacement 6-2 Fuse Replacement Diode Measurement Audible Continuity Test Transistor hFE Test (except 3620 (B)) Capacitance Measurement for 3630(B) and 3650(B) Frequency Measurement for 3650(B) only


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