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Hameg HM 303-4 Oscilloscope
Model: HM 303-4
Date: 1998
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Oscilloscope
Description: 30MHz Standard Oscilloscope

30MHz Standard Oscilloscope HM 303 Dual Channel, DC to 30MHz, 1mV/div.; Overscan Indicator Time Base: 0.2s to 10ns/div.; Variable Holdoff; Alternate Triggering Triggering: DC-100MHz; Auto Peak to Peak; Active TV-Sync-Separator Additional Features: Component Tester, 1kHz/1MHz Calibrator The new Hameg HM303 Oscilloscope succeeds the HM203 (over 170,000 sold worldwide). The bandwidth has been extended from 20 to 30MHz, the sweep rate increased to 10ns/div. and improvements added to the already legendary Hameg auto triggering system. The HM303 is the ideal instrument for waveform display in the DC to 100MHz frequency range. A key feature of this Oscilloscope is the vertical amplifier's pulse fidelity, limiting overshoot to only 1%. The HM303 offers a special fast rise time 1kHz/1MHz Calibrator, permitting high quality Probe compensation across the entire frequency range to ensure probe-tip thru to display integrity. An Overscan Indicator assists in vertical display amplitude and position adjustment. The HM303 is capable of triggering on input waveforms over 100MHz and on signal levels as small as 0.5 division. Alternate triggering mode enables the display of two asynchronous signals simultaneously. An active Video Sync- Separator permits detailed examination of complex TV signal inputs. A well proven, built-in component tester is now equipped with a stabilized measuring voltage. The use of a switching type of Power supply minimizes both weight and power consumption and universally accepts a wide range of input power line voltages, without the requirement to change jumpers or switch positions. The HM303's CRT is fully mu-metal shielded against outside magnetic fields. Hameg is setting newprice/performance breakthroughs with the introduction of this fine Oscilloscope. This performance packed scope will tempt all users to run it through its paces.

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Manual Type: Service Manual Hameg-12744-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 44
Size: 5.80 Mbytes (6082830 Bytes)
Language: english
Manual-ID/Number: 4S-0303-04E0
Date: 10 June 1998
Quality: Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
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MD5: 163a3c97ebbc92eaa36b81eaa0e9bb30
Downloads: 240 since 15 March 2020

Y-Preamplifier CH I (YP-Board) ... 4 Y-Preamplifier CH II (YP-Board) ... 5 Y-Intermediate Amplifier and Trigger Amplifier (YP-Board) ... 6 YPA-Board (Top side) ... 7 YPA-Board (Bottom side) ... 8 XY-Amplifier, YF-Amplifier, OS-Circuit ... 9 XY-Board (Top side) ... 10 XY-Board (Bottom side) ... 11 Sync.-Amplifier ... 12 Time base ... 13 Sweep-Generator ... 14 TB-Board ... 15 CRT-Board ... 16 CRT-Board (Top and Bottom side) ... 17 Power supply (PS-Board) ... 18 PS-Board (Top side) ... 19 PS-Board (Bottom side) ... 20 Component tester, Calibrator ... 21 CCT-Board (Top and Bottom side) ... 22 Front-Control Board ... 23 Front-Control Board (Top and Bottom side) ... 24 ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE ... 25


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