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Bose 4401 Amplifier
Model: 4401
Date: 1975
Category: Audio Video TV Multimedia
Group: Amplifier
Description: Solid State Four Channel Preamplifier

SPECIFICATIONS The 4401 preamplifier offers four independent channels from input to output with a capability of matrix decoding, discrete four-channel, or stereo operation. Signals from all current program sources, both stereo and quadraphonic, can be processed by the 4401. The 4401 incorporates unique phono preamp circuitry, utilizing MET™ (Minimum Effective Temperature) circuitry accounting for the ultra-quiet operation of the phono preamp. Optional circuitry for the SQ decoder and the CD-4 demodulator is contained on easily-installed, plug-in modules. * Internal provisions for an additional four-channel module are provided for yet-to-be-developed four-channel systems. The tone control circuits, as well as the high and low filters, can be used to process a signal prior to recording. Recordings can be made on two tape recorders simultaneously, and tapes can be copied from either TV Multimedia">Tape recorder. The 4401 provides separate jacks for the connection of external equalizers. A rear channel TV Multimedia">Equalizer by-pass switch allows equalization of only the front channels without the use of jumper cables for the rear channels. GENERAL Separate left/right balance controls for both front and rear channels. Independent front and rear channel tone controls. Baxendall tonecontrol circuits for optimum frequency contour control. Output amplifiers capable of driving both low and high impedance headphones. Time delay circuitry eliminating turn-on transients. Two-position phono capacitance switch for optimum matching of conventional or CD-4 phono cartridges. Optional SQ decoder and CD-4 demodulator plug-in modules.*

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Date: 01 August 1975
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