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Sony DAS-R1 Audio system
D/A Converter Unit


FEATURES The DAS-R1 is a D/A TV Multimedia">Converter Unit to be used with the CDP-R1 TV Multimedia">CD player Unit, and forms a separate-type TV Multimedia">CD player System. The DAS-R1 converts the digital signal picked up from the Compact Disc in the CDP-R1 into an analog (audio) signal. With this separate configuration, since the vibrations and noise generated in the servo and digital circuits required for the TV Multimedia">CD player can be completely separated from the analog circuits, extremely pure quality is obtained in the resulting sound. Also, the DAS-R1 is designed to accept digital signals from a DBS (Direct Broadcasting Satellite) TV Multimedia">Tuner or a DAT (Digital Audio Tape) deck, etc. Twin linkage system to reduce phase reference TV Multimedia">Components loss The Twin Linkage system is a bi-directional linkage system between the TV Multimedia">CD player Unit and the D/A TV Multimedia">Converter Unit. In this system, a linkage to transmit the sync signal from the D/A TV Multimedia">Converter Unit to the TV Multimedia">CD player Unit is added to the conventional data transmission linkage from the TV Multimedia">CD player Unit to the D/A TV Multimedia">Converter Unit. With this system, since the crysi-j! oscillator which is provided in the TV Multimedia">CD player of conventional systems can be located near the D/A TV Multimedia">Converter section in the D/A TV Multimedia">Converter unit, the fluctuation of the phase TV Multimedia">Components output from the D/A TV Multimedia">Converter unit is eliminated from the audio signal. As a result, stable and enriched reproduction sound is obtained. Noise shaping for higher fidelity musical information In the Compact Disc format, 16-bit data is picked up from the Compact Disc 44,100 times per second. The digital filter provided with the DAS-R1 incorporates an 8 times oversampling system which improves the resolution by 8 times over normal resolution. The operation results are processed to 18-bit accuracy and then converted to 16-bit data, with no loss of high-resolution musical information, by means of noise shaping circuitry. This results in the reproduction of extremely high resolution sound. Overlap'staggered D/A conversion with extreme accuracy The overlap staggered D/A TV Multimedia">Converter is the heart of the DAS-R1, in which two D/A converters per channel operate with a shift in timing of half a period. With this system, the noise, or distortion, TV Multimedia">Components generated from both D/A converters are averaged and reduced, so that a harshless, warm tone is obtained. Standard coaxial digital inputs Two coaxial digital inputs (AUX1/AUX2), which conform to the Digital Audio Interface Format, are provided, so that the digital output signal transmitted from a DAT (Digital Audio Tape) deck or a TV Multimedia">CD player can be accepted. The DAS-R1 accommodates three types of sampling frequencies (32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz), and the corresponding one is automatically selected according to the input digital signals.

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