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Philips HX5810 Tooth brush
Model: HX5810
Date: 2012
Category: Home electronics
Group: Tooth brush
Description: Sonic toothbrush

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Smartimer Automatically sets the brushing time to 2 minutes. After these 2 minutes the product switches off automatically. If you wish to pause, or stop brushing during the 2- minute cycle, press the on/off button. When you press the on/off button again, the Smartimer will pick up where you left off. - Easy-start The brushing power will gently increase to full power over the first 12 brushings. The Easy-start feature is active if you hear 2 beeps immediately after turning on your toothbrush. Once you reach the optimal brushing power, after the 1st brushing, you will no longer hear the double beep at the beginning of the brushing routine. Easy-start can also be switched off. To deactivate and to reactivate the Easy-start feature, see directions for use. - Extra-soft bristles Extra-soft, rounded bristles ensure deep, yet gentle cleaning. - Sensitive Teeth and Gums In addition to e-series Standard there is e-series Sensitive for people with sensitive teeth and gums. - Quadpacer (On Selected Models) The Quadpacer feature ensures that you brush all sections of your mouth evenly and thoroughly. At 30-second intervals (at 30, 60 and 90 seconds in case of a 2-minute brushing cycle), you will hear a short beep and notice a brief pause in brushing action. This is the signal to move to the next section of your mouth. - Massage Mode (On Selected Models) Mode for gentle gum stimulation.

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