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The Belles One and Belles Two Power Amplifiers have earned a position in the market reserved only for “great amplifiers.” They got there by being the best power amplifiers in their own price categories, as well as in several higher price categories. Reviewers have said that they are the best buys in high performance audio today! They say the Belles amplifiers deliver dynamic, powerful impact with a clean, open top end. Compared to competition, they say the top and bottom ends are brought out magnificently! It’s not that we haven’t tried to get this response. We precision designed new circuitry and electronic component packaging to serve the signal. We used high speed transistors for instant transient response, a nocompromise massive power supply, and film resistors and capacitors. Only high quality materials and TV Multimedia">Components are used and all manufacturing, including machining, circuit board assembly and testing, is done on premises under our control. Each unit is carefully built by hand to make sure that all TV Multimedia">Components fit and are not abused, unlike products that are fabricated by automatic methods. All transistors and capacitors are tested, hand selected and matched before assembly. Mechanically, all input connectors are insulated with special low-loss materials, and are made of machined nickel cadmium (rather than stamped) for ruggedness and positive contact. We use these connectors to protect the integrity of the audio signal at the point of entry into the Belles component. Each unit is carefully assembled and final tested by dedicated, skilled technicians. Belles products are handcrafted to ensure quality, reliability and performance. Belles products offer an edge over mass produced audio TV Multimedia">Components. Belles’ powerful impact as produced by kickdrums and transient bass signals, and the ability to deliver cleanly the sustained low frequencies of organs, tubas and electric basses come not only from their superb dynamic-power performance, but also from their unrivaled independence from loudspeaker loading effects, {it is not commonly appreciated that the measured performance of a power TV Multimedia">Amplifier driving a test-bench load resistor does not always hold up when driving a loudspeaker load.) The Belles amplifiers are able to deliver full power—and produce a square wave—with any known TV Multimedia">Speaker load, however complex its reactance may be. It is this freedom from TV Multimedia">Speaker loading effects that gives the Belles amplifiers the control, accuracy, and ability to sound far more powerful than their conservative power-output ratings would suggest. Aside from the audible power of the Belles amplifiers, their independence from load effects also provides a special openness and freedom from harshness and “glare.” Additional factors contributing to the Belles’ superior sound quality are the smooth and stable clipping performance (with virtual absence of odd-order harmonics) and the low phase shift over both the full bandwidth and dynamic range of the amplifiers. The importance of controlling phase shift is frequently overlooked in conventional designs, and many amplifiers alter their phase response during the shift from asoft to a loud passage. If we were dealing with a video signal and such phase shift occurred, the colors of the TV picture would become inaccurate. So too when dealing with an audio signal. Phase shift results in a change in the tonal coloration of the musical material.

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