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Panoramic Radio Products SB-3 Analyzer
Panoramic Radio Products
Model: SB-3
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analyzer
Description: Panalyzor

VISUAL PRESENTATION OF R.F. SPECTRUM FOR SIMPLE RAPID ANALYSIS Both PANALYZOR and PANADAPTOR arc automatic scanning superheterodyne instruments designed to enable panoramic analysis of signals in the R.F. spectrum. Each signal within a band is displayed on the screen of a cathode-ray tube as an inverted V whose amplitude and position along a horizontal calibrated axis arc indicative of signal level and frequency, respectively. The presentation is unique in that it enables observation of many signals at one time. A given signal can be made to appear at the center of the screcn while other signals of lower or higher frequency will cause deflections to the left or right of center. These instruments provide the utmost in simplicity for observing such things as the effects of Power supply fluctuations, thermal changes, humidity, component variations, shock, vibration and load changes upon frequency. Both magnitude and direction of frequency drift are indicated. Parasitic oscillations which normally may pass unnoticed can quickly be detected and identified. Spurious modulation by supersonics, hum and noise are readily spotted. Because of their panoramic presentations both instruments are invaluable for monitoring a frequency band for the appearance, disappearance and shift of signals. Highly useful graphic displays of Bessel function distributions of FM signals can be obtained. Since only the simplest operational procedures and deflection interpretations are required, the PANALYZOR and PANADAPTOR can be readily used on production lines. Although critically designed for laboratory work of research and development calibre, these instruments can be used profitably by students for experimental or demonstration purposes.

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