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General Resistance Instruments ETS-15 Analyzer
General Resistance Instruments
Model: ETS-15
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analyzer
Description: Thermocouple Simulator

ADVANTAGES TSC ETS > Zero Output Impedance X X Readout being calibrated sees only the output of the GR instrument...even when T/C remains connected. > Battery Operation X >- High Accuracy Voltage/ X Current Source (IV and 10V FR) in addition to T/C simulation. > Basic Accuracy of ±T/4°C X X > Designed for Calibration X of Analog Meters As well as digital meters. (Unit provides built-in "run-up" capability) > Temperature Measurement X X Capability* >- Built-in Cold Junction X X Compensation Provided No ice bath required. *TSC require additional external equipment. • Specifically engineered for the lest, analysis, calibration and troubleshooting of thermocouple readouts, datalogging systems, etc. • For use with all thermocouple types (standard models for E, J, K, T, R/S, all others on option). MODELS AVAILABLE MODEL TSC-47UR: The finest and most versatile instrument of its type available anywhere outside of a primary standards laboratory. Designed for use as a portable standard and as a constant voltage/current source as well as thermocouple simulator. MODEL ETS-15: Same accuracy and "Zero output Z" performance as TSC Series relative to T/C simulation. Differs from TSC units in that it is truly portable with internal batteries. It also provides built-in run-up pot, control circuit and temprerature measurement capability. Does not offer 10V F.S. Voltage Source performance. THERMOCOUPLE SIMULATION These instruments simulate all thermocouple types-E, J, K, R, S, T, B, N, etc.—internally referenced-junction-compensated to 0°C. Connection to the thermocouple system to be tested is through the use of specially designed THERMOCLIPS™ (see Table II). Output is dialed in voltage on thumbwheel-decade switches. Any reference tables can be used-DIN, NBS, etc. BATTERY OPERATION (ETS-15) Instrument will operate for approximately 8 hours on a full charge under normal conditions and recharge within 10 hours. Units are fully operative during the charge cycle. Trickle charging takes place as long as unit is plugged in, whether it is turned ON or OFF.

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