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Tracor 599J Converter
Model: 599J
Date: 1978
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Converter
Description: MSK Converter

Some or all of the Navy VLF transmitters may at any time be using a form of code known as MSK (minimum-shift-keying). This is a type of frequency-shift-keying in which the bit frequency is equal to twice the difference frequency. In consequence, if a bit is transmitted at frequency #1, then one bit at frequency #2, and a third bit at frequency #1 again, the phase of frequency #1 during the third bit will differ by 180° from what it was during the first bit. Therefore, there is no coherent "carrier" at either of the two frequencies. By a process of frequency doubling, those transmissions at zero phase and those at 180° are restored to equal phase at the second harmonic frequency. Phase tracking of the 2nd harmonic with a VLF tracking receiver is then possible. INSTALLATION

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type: User Manual with schematics Tracor-12200-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 17
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Language: english
Manual-ID/Number: 79384 D
Date: 01 September 1978
Quality: Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable.
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Introduction 1 Installation 1 Operation With Strong VLF Signal 1 Use of Notch In Receiving Weaker Signal When Strong Local Signal Interferes 2 Theory of Operation 3 Antenna Coupler 3 List of Replaceable Parts 5 Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers (FSCM) 9 Schematic Diagrams Figure 1. MSK Converter 599J/K Tracor Drawing No. 79399B 10 Figure 2. Chassis Tracor Drawing No. 19356C 11 Figure 3. Antenna Coupler Tracor Drawing No. 19358C 12


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