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Slaughter Company 105-MP Test Set
Slaughter Company
Model: 105-MP
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Test Set
Description: Leakage Tester

This series is an automatic programmed version of the standard Series 103, 103/105 High Voltage Leakage Testers, It is ideal for high production testing of ail types of electrical-electronic equipment for leakage, grounds, shorts, and arc-overs to all commercial and military specifications. Basically, these units apply a known voltage to the insulation under test and measure the current flow as an indication of insulation quality. In AC testing, the load current often includes an appreciable capacitive component. When this is true, the compensation control may be used to cancel out the major portion of this capacitive current so that the meter reads, essentially, only the resistive component. In DC testing, the capacitive current is transient and compensation is not needed. AC tests provide data for a complete analysis of the insulation — total leakage, resistive leakage, AC resistance, power-factor, inherent capacity, and dielectric strength, DC tests provide data for insulation resistance in megohms and dielectric strength.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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