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Slaughter Company 1305 Test Set
Slaughter Company
Model: 1305
Date: 2007
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Test Set
Description: Hipot Tester

Key Features and Benefits 1.No load setup of trip current and output voltage. This provides the operator with an easy and safe way to set trip currents and output voltages since parameters are set without the high voltage activated. 2.Automatic storage of test program. The instruments will power up with the parameters that were used during the last test to avoid operator set-up errors. 3.All parameters for the setups can be adjusted through a simple menu driven program. The easy to follow setup screens ensure that the operator correctly sets up all test parameters. 4.Line and load regulation. This system maintains the output voltage to within 1% from no load to full load and over the line voltage range to ensure that test results remain consistent and within safety agency requirements. 5.PLC remote inputs and outputs. The standard 9 pin interfaces provide outputs for Pass, Fail, and Test in Process. Inputs include Test, Reset and Interlock. This gives the user all the basic remotes required to configure the instrument through simple PLC relay control. (Note: Model 1305 has ONLY the TEST input and no outputs). 6.Output voltage fine adjustment. To make the instruments usable in different types of applications, the operator can manually bring the voltage up or down in 10 volt increments by simply pressing the up and down arrow keys. This makes it very easy to adjust the output voltage even while the tester is in the dwell mode so you can analyze test results at different voltages. This will not affect the programmed test voltage. Subsequent tests will be at the programmed voltage. 7.Flashing high voltage indicator. A flashing LED located to the right of the display clearly indicates when high voltage is active to provide maximum operator safety. 8.User selectable input voltage. The instruments can be switched for either 115 or 230 volt input operation through an easy access rear panel mounted switch to allow it to be used in any country.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages: 42
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Language: english
Revision: 1.07
Manual-ID/Number: 99-10136-01
Date: 29 October 2007
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INTRODUCTION ... 2 INSTALLATION AND SAFETY ... 2 SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE ... 9 GLOSSARY OF TERMS ... 11 SPECIFICATIONS ... 13 CONTROLS ... 17 QUICK START ... 21 SETUP ... 23 MODEL 1305 ... 23 MODELS 2503/2510/2550 ... 26 FIELD INSTALLATION OF OPTIONS ... 29 OPERATION ... 30 MODEL 1305 ... 30 MODELS 2503/2510/2550 ... 31 REMOTE Interface FOR MODEL 1305 ... 33 REMOTE Interface FOR MODELS 2503/2510/2550 ... 34 OPTIONS ... 35 CALIBRATION PROCEDURE ... 36 PARTS LIST Schematics missing!


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