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Global Specialties Corporation LM-1 Analyzer
Global Specialties Corporation
Model: LM-1
Date: 1980
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analyzer
Description: Logic Monitor

Global Specialties' Logic Monitor, LM-1, simultaneously displays the static and dynamic logic states of DTL, TTL, HTL or CMOS 14-pin and 16-pin digital DIP ICs. The voltage at each IC lead is measured by' one of 16 independent binary/optical voltmeters. When one of the input voltages exceeds the 2 volt threshold the LED corresponds ing to the activated input pin is turned on. Inputs below the threshold or uncommitted (floating) do not activate, their corresponding LEDs. A built-in power seeking gating network locates the most positive and negative voltages applied to the IC under test. It then feeds them to the internal buffered amplifiers and LED drivers. Just clip the LM-1 to any digital IC up to 16 pins. Precision plastic guides and flexible plastic web* insure positive connections between nickel silver contacts and IC leads. Static and dynamic logic levels appear instantly on 16 (.125" diameter) LEDs.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Date: 01 January 1980
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Instruction, Operation and Application Manual


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