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Allen & Heath Sigma 24 Mixer
Allen & Heath
Model: Sigma 24
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Mixer

ALLen and Heath Brenell designs, manufactures, sells and services professional audio equipment. AHB is a name well known in many countries. The reputation of the company stands on the results of one activity which has been the same since the origin of the business as Allen and Heath in the early 1970s. The company's aims have been consistent: to offer to the audio business products which are fit for use as commercial, income-earning hardware; to exploit proven electronic design and manufacturing techniques so that the end product offers high value to the purchaser. Recent AHB designs now available offer innovative computer aided facilities as a result of investment in computer hardware and software design skills in-house. In a field of business where reputations gained over years can be lost overnight, AHB's reputation is protected by attention to detail in engineering design and manufacture. You, the purchaser, are the most important factor in our decisions. The Sigma Series is a fully modular range of professional audio mixing consoles based on two frame sizes and a range of mono, stereo, in-line and group modules capable of being configured in a wide variety of operating formats for recording and live sound. Considerable time has been spent listening to and questioning engineers, producers and musicians, and one thing that everybody agrees upon is that the most important aspect of any console design is that it sounds good, and Sigma most definitely does. With the advent of digital multi-track and mastering machines, noise and distortion are of the utmost importance, with lower noise than 16 bit digital playback, a dynamic range in excess of lOOdB and a generous 22dB of internal headroom, Sigma really performs, giving you confidence which breeds success enabling you to make better masters and better masters make you more money. Sigma has not only been designed to meet the rigorous demands of today, but also your future needs with an expandable frame system, the ability to update module types, retro-fit our VCA fader package, or a full fader automation system, Sigma is ready, it has the scope to develop and keep up with the recording techniques of the future. To reinforce our committment we have already included time-code synchronising hardware in all standard Sigma consoles. Many studio owners are finding that life without MIDI and SMPTE is holding back their operations. AHB's SSR Automute system puts channel and monitor fader mutes under computer memory control and with direct interface to MIDI clock systems including implementation of MIDI song pointer. Used with a SMPTE/MIDI Converter the autolocator now initiates automated responses from the multi-track machine, sequencers, 16 MIDI effects and Sigma audio mutes. We have not forgotten that your growth and success is our future, we are proud of Sigma now its your turn to be proud of a console that performs.

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