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Allen & Heath SD12-2 Mixer
Allen & Heath
Model: SD12-2
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Mixer
Description: Stereo Mixing Console

The SD 12/2 stereo mixing console has been designed to give maximum flexibility in both sound reinforcement and recording situations. The unit mill satisfy all normal requirements in terms of operational facilities and provision has been made for the addition of external control equipment. Each channel features a circuit breaking line input enabling the operator to insert compressor/limiters or any other studio device without the additional expense of an external patch bay. Each input channel incorporates a direct post fade line output which enables the operator to feed an equalized signal to any external system. This feature is discussed in greater depth in the operational text. The SD 12/2 has a comprehensive monitor system uihich allows quality and calibration checks to be made on all functions of the unit, without disturbing any of the programme outputs at the time. Provision is also made for monitoring of external programme sources such as tape machines, broadcast programme cues, stage to desk communications etc. Equalisation is comprehensive with two level controls in the critical mid range spectrum. Separate foldback equalization is provided which is essential for positive control of acoustic feedback. A full range of accessories are available for the SD 12/2 including a custom built heavy duty flight case and a customer tailored multiway cable assembly. The SD 12/2 has been constructed with simple 'in field' servicing in mind. Removal of the base panel exposes the entire circuitry and any channel module can be removed without interfering with the rest of the unit - invaluable in emergency situations.

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1. Complete spec. 2. Introduction 3. Setting up instructions 4. Detailed operational information 5. Special applications 6. Recording techniques 7. General sound system hints 8. Service instructions 9. Circuit diagrams


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