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Allen & Heath S2 Mixer
Allen & Heath
Model: S2
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Mixer
Description: Audio Mixing Console

The S2 is an ultra compact professional recording Mixer designed specifically to operate with the latest generation of multitrack tape machines and studio equipment. Unheard of in its price range, the 82 includes full on board MIDI mute automation based on the most advanced and user-friendly V4 system. This provides automation of all channel, monitor and effects return mutes giving a Creative freedom unique in mixers of this class. The in-line format and versatile routing facilities allow up to 24-track recording and mixdown to two 2-track mastering machines without the need for re-patching. The 16 channel S2 is easily expandable to a full 24 channels by adding on the EX8 extender unit. Four dedicated stereo effects returns and the two signal paths per channel provide a maximum of 40 or 56 inputs with EQ available for mixdown. The compact size and comprehensive facilities together with its superior audio performance, rugged yet stylish engineering, and low cost make the S2 the ideal choice for the small studio, mobile, or home recording situation. KEY FEATURES; Full V4 MIDI automation of channel, monitor and effects return mutes, using silent FET switching, 16-8-2 or 24-8-2 in-line formats, 8 groups, normalled to channel outputs 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, Up to 5 6 inputs with EQ available for mixdown, In-line monitoring, Channel direct-to-tape switches allowing up to 24 tracks to be recorded simultaneously, Separate EQ for channel and monitor paths, with EQ on switch, 6 aux busses providing effects and cue sends, Dedicated stereo cue monitor output, 4 stereo effects returns with EQ, cue sends, and routing to all outputs, Monitoring and record source switching for two 2-track mastering machines, Dedicated stereo control room monitor output with switching for 2 pairs of loudspeakers, LED bargraph metering, and separate channel peak LEDs, Inserts on channels, groups and stereo mix, Comprehensive monitor and talkback facilities, 2 frequency line-up oscillator, Superior audio performance, 100mm faders and quality components used throughout, Engineered for reliability. 16 channel version may be expanded to 2 4 channels.

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