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Allen & Heath ML 4000 Mixer
Allen & Heath
Model: ML 4000
Date: 2002
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Mixer
Description: Dual Function Live Sound Console

ML4000 Key Features The Allen & Heath ML4000 is a large format VCA equipped dual function live sound console providing many of the features of its larger Brother the ML5000. It can be quickly configured for front-of-house (FOH) or stage monitor mixing. As one console suitable for both applications it is equally well suited to installation, rental and touring. It offers an IO capability and feature set that satisfies the latest trends in live sound engineering, in particular the growing number of inputs and outputs for multi-speaker house and monitor systems, demands of stereo in-ear monitoring, 3 Speaker LCR imaging, advanced grouping and automation. The design ensures on-the-road durability, a clear layout for easy walk up and go operation, and no-compromise audio performance. Inputs and Outputs 3 Standard frame sizes: 32+2, 40+2, 48+2 (mono + dual stereo channels) 32, 40, 48 mono mic/line inputs with inserts and direct outputs 2 dual stereo line inputs 24 input sidecar to expand to a maximum 96 inputs Main Left, Right and Centre outputs with inserts, Centre configurable as the engineers monitor 8 Groups, 12 Auxes: Group/Aux 1-8 and Aux 9-12 with faders and inserts, Aux 1-8 with rotaries 11x4 Matrix 2-Track monitor input and recording send Stereo headphones and local monitors Talkback mic input ClearCom compatible intercom interface Groups and Automation 8 VCA groups with mutes and PAFL monitoring 8 audio groups with LCRplusTM sub grouping 8 mute groups MIDI accessible snapshot memories MIDI mute on/off, snapshot recall and dump in/out control Channels can be made safe from the automation Processing and Control 4-Band full sweep mono EQ with switched Q mids, 4-band fixed frequency stereo EQ Sweepable high pass filter LCRplus 3 Speaker imaging system Protected mode switching to configure the console for FOH or monitor application Intelligent PAFL system with all-clear, PFL/in-place AFL, priority, auto-cancel/add mode... Assignable talkback and intercom 1kHz tone and pink noise generator for system line-up and testing Full console monitoring and extensive metering of inputs, mix busses and outputs

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Language: english
Revision: 3
Manual-ID/Number: AP4316
Date: 01 January 2002
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Important Safety Instructions ... 4 Mains Plug Wiring Instructions ... 5 General Precautions ... 5 ML4000 Key Features ... 6 Front Panel Layout ... 7 Rear Panel Layouts ... 8 Technical Specifications ... 9 System Block Diagram ... 10 Installation Details ... 12 Earthing ... 13 Audio Connector Types and Wiring ... 14 Gain Structure ... 15 MIDI ... 16 Console Computer and Operating Software ... 19 Internal Option Links ... 20 Internal assembly assignments ... 20 The Range ... 21 Ordering Spares ... 21 Technical Drawings ... 22 BLOCK DIAGRAM ... M1 INTERNAL ASSEMBLY MAP ... M2-M3 MONO INPUT ... D1-D4 STEREO INPUT ... D5-D8 MASTER CONNECTOR ... D9-D10 GROUP 1,3,5,7 ... D11-D13 GROUP 2,4,6,8 ... D14-D17 AUX 9 ... D18-D21 AUX 10 ... D22-D25 AUX 11 ... D26-D29 AUX 12 ... D30-D33 MASTER DISTRIBUTION ... D34 LRC VU METERS ... D35-D36 LRC LED METERS ... D37 1-12 VU METERS ... D38-D40 SYSLINK INPUT ... D41 MIDI/PSU ... D42-D43 DC POWER WIRING ... D44 CPU ... D45-D48 GRAUX SLAVE ... D49-D50 VCA MASTER SLAVE ... D51 LRC SLAVE ... D52-D53 MASTER FADER ... D54 MUTE GROUP ... D55 MONO FADER SLAVE ... D56-D57 MONO FADER ... D58 FADER BISCUIT (misc) ... D59 SYSLINK OUTPUT ... D60-D61


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