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Schlumberger 7050 Digital multimeter
Model: 7050
Date: 1977
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Digital multimeter

INTRODUCTION The 7050 Digital multimeter (DMM) combines the advantages of a compact and versatile multimeter with the precision and convenience of a digital instrument. Automatic range selection and polarity decision give rapid readings. The complete absence of range switching enables the user to concentrate on the task in hand and apart from selecting the actual measurement mode required all other measurement decisions are undertaken automatically, so reducing the risk of damage to the user’s equipment, as well as to the DMM.

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Pages: 66
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Language: english
Revision: 2
Manual-ID/Number: 70500117
Date: 01 December 1977
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
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GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 OPERATION Preliminary Adjustments 2.1 Operation 2.1 SERVICING Introduction 3.1 Presentation of Information 3.1 Functional Description 3.2 Circuit Description Analogue 3 a. 1 Digital 3 b. 1 Power Supplies 3c. 1 SETTING UP AND CALIBRATION Introduction 4.1 Test Equipment 4.1 Part 1 - Setting Up Procedures 4.2 Part 2 - Calibration Procedures 4.9 PARTS LISTS PCB No. 1 5.2 PCB No. 2 5.4 PCB No. 3 5.5 Main Assembly 5.5 Accessories 5.5 SPECIFICATION 6.1 FET Selection Procedure A.2 Setting Up Case 70502 A.3


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