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Maytag DWU9962 Dish washer
Model: DWU9962
Date: 1998
Category: Home electronics
Group: Dish washer
Description: Dishwasher

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages: 86
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Language: english
Revision: revised
Manual-ID/Number: 16008243
Date: 01 July 1998
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
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The first and most important step of any service call is to accurately determine what the complaint is. This is best accomplished by questioning the customer, finding out what the product is or isn't doing and why they feel a problem exists. Section 1 covers Electrical Test Equipment for use on the dishwasher. This section also covers general use of the equipment, in addition to providing specific information on amperage, wattage and resistance readings which should be seen. Section 2 covers Microprocessor Cycles/Options. This section provides information on the cycles and options for the microprocessor models. Section 3 covers Electrical-Mechanical Troubleshooting and provides a list of possible complaints. Find the complaint which you feel best matches that provided by the customer and turn to the appropriate page(s). You will find a list of possible electrical and mechanical problems for the complaint, which have been listed in order of: 1] Ease in checking and 2] Probability. Systematically eliminating these possibilities will allow you to find and correct the problem. SECTION 4 covers Service Procedures. This section will provide information on location of components, disassembly and/or reassembly procedures, the purpose and/or function of the part and in some instances specific checks to be made. SECTION 5 covers General Information such as brief specifications, cycle descriptions and schematics.


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