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Hameg HZ65-3 Probe
Model: HZ65-3
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Probe
Description: Component Tester

- Test of semiconductors - Test of discrete components - Rugged and compact In conjunction with an oscilloscope, the component tester HZ65 can be used to test semiconductor components, resistors, capacitors and inductors not only out-of- circuit, but also often without desoldering them from circuit boards. Within certain limits, testing of integrated circuitry is also possible. Transistors can be plugged into two 3-point sockets; any combination of 2 contacts may be selected for testing. This simplifies testing of different internal transistor paths (base-emitter, emitter- collector, base-collector). Components with larger-diameter leads and ICs are connected to the 2 jacks on the side of the HZ65 using 2 test cables. The direction of current flow through the tested component or IC can be reversed. The HZ65 is particularly indi- spensable for repairs of electronic devices, providing good-bad information within seconds. This also allows quick comparison of the unit under test with a known good component or network.

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